General Rules:
  • You must be 13 or older to join sony sketch.
  • You must read all the rules when you join.
  • If you change your profile picture, make sure it is appropriate

Content Rules:

  • You can post anything you want as long as it is not violent or sexual content
  • Comments are allowed for pictures and videos. just no cursing, threats, or sexual references in the comments. our staff will find out
  • If you post a video thats not your's, plz give credit.

Rules relating to socalizing:

  • This is a social website, so talking and making friends is allowed, but we will not tolerate bullying, threats, or sexual references. We can not say this enough. 
  • Flirting or dating is allowed, just keep it family friendly.

Other rules:

  • You can become admin if you behave and are active most of the time. Please don't spam messages asking for admin. It is very annoying
  • Being admin is a privalege, it can be taken if you abuse that right. If you are caught vandalizing the website of deleting people for no reason, you will be punished.
  • If your account gets locked for breaking a rule, don't make an alt account just to get back.

Penalties for breaking the rules:

  1. First time: warning
  2. second time: account gets locked for a day
  3. third time: account gets locked for a week
  4. fourth time: account gets locked for two weeks.
  5. fifth time and beyond: account gets locked for a month